SPECIAL NEEDS LIVING NON-PROFIT OF THE MONTH: Living and Learning Enrichment Center

by | Aug 9, 2023

NON-PROFIT OF THE MONTH: Living and Learning Enrichment Center

We are honored to share that the Living & Learning Enrichment Center has been featured as the Non-Profit of the Month in the August 2023 issue of Special Needs Living Detroit/Metro.

A Mission Driven by Compassion

Founded by Rachelle Vartanian, a passionate educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching for the emotionally impaired and a Master’s Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders, the Living & Learning Enrichment Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference.

Rachelle’s personal journey with her son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome led her to create social skills groups locally, filling a gap in the community. Her dedication grew into an organization that provides social skills programs, vocational skills, employment, independent living, family support, special interest clubs, performing arts clubs and more for an underserved population.

Inclusive Opportunities

Living and Learning’s offerings include an artisan market (MOD Market) where 50% of the products are made by individuals with disabilities, an I.T. Academy (Exceptional Academy) offering free certification in Cybersecurity, and ABA therapy in a nurturing environment. The center also boasts an alpaca farm, bee farm, chicken and bunny farm, and lavender fields.

Supporting the Community

The Living and Learning Enrichment Center is always in need of volunteers and donations. Individualized programs ensure that clients’ unique skills, talents, and personalities flourish. The center’s mission is to help members have meaningful lives and work hard to make the organization inclusive to ALL people.

A Testimonial

One of the testimonials shared in the article beautifully captures the essence of Living and Learning: “I would not be the man I am today. You collectively taught me responsibility, compassion, generosity, and the true meaning of friendship.”

Read the Full Article

To learn more about the Living and Learning Enrichment Center and the incredible work being done, please read the full article, originally published on Special Needs Living Michigan’s website.