About Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is a collaborative approach to therapy that aims to help an individual navigate challenging emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, to create positive improvements in overall well-being. Psychotherapy is conducted by licensed mental health professionals such as clinical psychologists. Clinical psychologists address a range of mental and behavioral problems by using a wide variety of disciplines within psychology.   

Our psychotherapy sessions consist of blended therapeutic approaches such as humanistic and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).  Since our clinical psychologists have knowledge and training in applied behavior analysis (ABA), elements of ABA can be used in psychotherapy sessions with adults with an autism spectrum disorder and other comorbid diagnoses. This further enhances psychotherapy treatment by utilizing various approaches in the same setting. All interventions used in psychotherapy sessions consist of evidence-based techniques. Supervision by a Licensed Psychologist is required for master’s level psychologists.  

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy can be conducted in various ways, such as in individual, family, or group therapy sessions. Sessions vary per individual and their needs but typically consist of 60 minutes for 1 hour a week. Sessions can be conducted in person or via telehealth and can be increased to two sessions per week or decreased to biweekly sessions. Recommendations are made during the intake process. Progress assessments are completed every six weeks, and the continuation of services is determined during these assessments. 

Clinical Psychologists:

  • Nadine Ali, M.A., TLLP
  • Erica Miletti, M.A., TLLP

Additional Information:

  • 1:1 psychotherapy sessions at 315 Griswold typically 1hr/week but determined based on need
  • Virtually or in person (Zoom or phone)
  • Private Pay Only
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Psychotherapy Services Process

  • After an inquiry, the therapist will provide a 15-minute phone consultation to the family or member to determine if psychotherapy services are appropriate for the member’s needs.
  • After the phone consultation, an intake is scheduled. If the member is a minor, the first intake would be with the parents and the second appointment will be with the child.
  • Supervision by a Licensed Psychologist is required for master’s level psychologists. Therapists will consult with their supervising psychologist to ensure appropriate decisions in cases. If the case is not within the scope of practice of the therapist or if the client may benefit from an alternative provider, a referral will be made. The first 4-6 psychotherapy sessions are typically used as a trial period to assess the member’s motivation for therapy and progression of the therapeutic alliance.
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Psychotherapy Modalities

  • Individual Psychotherapy Sessions: This will be conducted 1:1 in a naturalistic setting with the clinical psychologist or via Telehealth. This is a safe space where an individual can meet to discuss various matters, including mental health challenges, life stressors, increasing happiness, or changing behaviors. The therapist and client will collaborate to create a treatment plan to target specific goals for intervention.
    Sessions can be conducted in 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • Family Psychotherapy Sessions: Family participation in treatment is often crucial for progress. Psychotherapy sessions can be conducted with the therapist and with the parent(s) or guardian(s) present. During these sessions, the client may or may not be present. These sessions last for 50 minutes and can be done weekly or biweekly.
  • Group Psychotherapy: Attending group therapy sessions may be beneficial to members who are looking to address specific challenges in a setting with other individuals who are experiencing the same concern.