Job Skills/Employment

Our mission is to help our people with autism and/or other special needs not only attain valuable employment skills, but achieve gainful employment within a diverse, inclusive environment. We seek to address the current employment deficit faced by adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (80% of people who are on the autism spectrum are unemployed today.) Living & Learning Enrichment Center offers on the job training addressing: interviewing, greeting others, appropriate behavior on the job, problem solving, and essential social skills with colleagues and customers.

Our clients often possess excellent specialized skills in a variety of areas (e.g., adherence to schedule, attention to detail, low attrition rate, receptive to repetitive tasks, determination). In spite of the aforementioned areas of strength, securing employment for our clients once they have successfully completed their training may present challenges due to characteristics of autism, such as social skills deficits, repetitive behaviors, and narrow areas of interest. These areas of challenge may be overcome through coaching and facilitation, as provided by the Living & Learning Enrichment Center.

We partner with local businesses such as Maybury Farm, Fresh Thyme, Rebecca’s Restaurant, First Centennial Title , and Studio 170 to give our clients an on the job training opportunity with one of our mentors.

Living & Learning Enrichment Center offers career training for adults with autism and other special needs. The Success Program is for individuals with special needs who are ready to seek employment and are looking for the necessary skills to do so. These opportunities have lead to gainful employment.

If you would like information on how to begin this process, please call us at 248-308-3592.