From India to Northville: Keya’s Inspiring Journey to Independence and Employment

by | Sep 8, 2023

A Story of Empowerment, Community, and New Beginnings

When we first heard from Keya’s family in India, we couldn’t have imagined the incredible journey that was about to unfold. Today, we’re thrilled to share her story—a testament to the transformative power of the Living and Learning Enrichment Center’s programs and the resilience of the human spirit.

A New Chapter Begins

Just over three months ago, a simple inquiry from a family in India turned into a life-changing experience for Keya. After numerous phone calls, meetings, and emails, Keya and her family made the bold decision for her to move to Northville, Michigan.

The aim?

To live an independent life enriched by the community and opportunities that Living and Learning provides.

Finding Community and Purpose

Keya quickly became an integral part of our community. She has her own apartment and actively participates in various Living and Learning programs, including art club, 20’s club, girl talk, and weekend hangouts. Her kindness, patience, and listening skills have made her a beloved friend to many.

A Job Well Done

Keya’s hard work and dedication paid off when she recently accepted a full-time position as a front desk receptionist at the Psychiatry & Psychology Center in Northville. In her role, she’s the first person patients interact with—greeting them, scheduling appointments, and managing paperwork. It’s a job that not only utilizes her administrative skills but also allows her to showcase her natural kindness and creative mindset.

A Bright Future Ahead

The Psychiatry & Psychology Center offers Keya more than just employment; it provides a supportive environment where she can build a fulfilling career. It’s a place that aligns perfectly with her values and aspirations, offering her the opportunity for prosperous growth and success.

Keya’s story is a shining example of how Living and Learning Enrichment Center empowers individuals to lead fulfilling, independent lives. We couldn’t be prouder of her achievements and are excited to see where her journey takes her next.

Congratulations, Keya. We are SO proud of you!

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