Friday and Saturday Night Hangouts

What are Friday & Saturday Night Hang-outs?

This program is a unique three-hour interactive social skills experience. No other program like this exists. We have created an environment that allows people of all ages to have fun while teaching them age-appropriate social skills that they can transfer to their everyday activities. This program has been intentionally designed to promote social and emotional growth in a nurturing setting. Specific activities have been set up to promote and encourage eye contact, personal space, social reciprocity, tone of voice, fine motor skills and the nuances of creating friendships.


Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00pm – 9:00pm

About our Mentors

The key to this program are the mentors who interact with each client during this time. These young people attend intensive on-going training to ensure that they are “Living & Learning” along with our clients.

About the Creators of the Program

This program has been developed by two mothers of children with special needs. Both women have over twenty years of professional experience working in the public-school setting and providing social skills through private and group sessions. Rachelle has two master’s degrees, one in Educational Psychology and the second in Autism. She is an instructor at Eastern Michigan University where she teaches, Inclusion and Disabilities Studies in a Diverse Society. Our social worker has a master’s degree and fifteen years of experience as a private practitioner. She has run numerous parent, child, teen and family support groups and specializes in social skills, life skills, grief and loss, anger management, anxiety and depression, and teaching self-regulation skills.