ABA Therapy

Program Overview

At Living and Learning Enrichment Center, our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) team focuses their practice on adolescents, and adults. We provide a focused treatment model that prioritizes interest-based learning to teach a variety of life, communication and social skills. Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts work towards using the most up to date research and individually based treatment to work on goals that are socially significant to each individual.

ABA services are provided through the following modalities:

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Direct 1:1 services

In these sessions, a technician will work with your child to teach the skills related to the goals in the treatment plan. The BCBA will oversee these goals, ensure progress is being made, and make changes as needed. This is a great time for them to learn skills through an individualized approach, have the benefit of the 1:1 technician to assist them through naturally occurring social situations, and work on any additional individualized skills such as: communication, daily living skills, and replacement behaviors.

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Structured social skills groups

Members within the program are paired into groups with individuals that have similar social skills and deficits. These typically occur for 1 hour per week and are a mix of didactic learning and application and are led by a lead technician or BCBA.

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Parent collaboration sessions

Parents meet with BCBA on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to review progress on treatment goals and how they can be applied and generalized into the home setting. BCBA can also help address any additional challenges within the home setting and provide parents with the tools to work through these challenges.

As your child gains skills within these sessions, generalization into other Living and Learning programming will occur as they are able to independently navigate the social environment and meet treatment goals. Extra-curricular programming (hangouts, gamers club, etc) are not covered by insurance.

Due to the therapeutic nature of these services, we do require a commitment to weekly sessions within the clinically recommended hours per week.

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About our Therapist Designations:

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

  • Masters level clinician, certified by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board after completion of masters degree, 1500-2000 field hours, and passing of BCBA exam.
  • Develops and oversees treatment plans for individuals on caseload. Supervises each member and RBT weekly to make adjustments to goals as needed. write programs to target goals and train staff on implementation of programs.
  • Meets regularly with parents to teach them concepts and generalize goals into the home setting

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

  • Completion of 40 hours of training, and passing of exam for cerfitication.
  • RBTs assist in delivering behavior analysis services and practice under the direction and close supervision of an RBT Supervisor/BCBA.
  • Conducts 1:1 sessions with members, scheduled on a weekly basis


ABA Onboarding Process

Step 1

Diagnosis must be obtained from AAEC provider for BCBS and BCN

Full comprehensive diagnostic evaluation required for all insurances

Click here for AAEC Providers

Step 2

Initial Screening call to determine fit for services

Step 3:

Intake and Assessment Scheduled with BCBA

Step 4:

Treatment Plan written and sent for insurance approval

Step 5:

Services Start Upon Insurance Approval

ABA Hours of Operation

ABA Teen Services (13-18)
Monday- Friday 2pm-7pm

Adult Services:
Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm